Later, Koenig and Helena mull over recent events. The Alphans have all returned to normal—with the exception of Carolyn. The experience has left her mind wiped clean; innocent as a newborn, she will have to grow up all over again. While the doctor reflects on the untapped potential of the human mind, a weary Koenig drifts into a dreamless sleep. Helena smiles at her sleeping lover, then gives him a tender kiss.

Gawd I dislike ignorance. You can certainly separate a Christian from the modern bible. And If it was getting the job done the world would be a better place. Wouldn’t it? Don’t answer that, your actions has done that for you.

And I’m not confused by reading more than one spiritual text. It actually broadens the mind. I find that by reading other texts, the bible makes more sense. And it makes much more sense when you apply it to your self and not to an external deity. Have a go, you may like it.

You have a nice day also.

After my “Venus Fly Trap Story” (find link to the story at the bottom of this hub), I have to become a good follower for the instructions on how to care of a flytrap. This mini carnivore plant looks hungrier every single day and could really be great for the banana flies in the kitchen. In other days, it is a pity to watch it with no catch. I mean, I am not really sticking around in my kitchen just to watch it move catching its prey, but this Venus Flytrap could sometimes need a little help from a friend.

As for the collapse of the Maya civilizations periodically, one collapse at least can be traced by clear cutting and living in a non sustainable manner that ended up destroying agricultural production. The Maya had an obsession of painting all their important structures in a brilliant white. This required the production of lime which was made by burning large amounts of wood to produce the material. The eventual loss of the forest canopy and land renewal led to crop failures in the end, not for lack of rain, but lack of soil nutrients.

There are many things lost and/or made up when translations were made.

Cyrus was said to have been A Messiah when he liberated the Hebrew people from Babylonian rule.

Most all Christians interpret Jesus to be the rock which the statue in Nebeuchadnezzars dream That statue represented the first four kingdoms of the earth.

Persia with Cyrus as their king was the second Beast in Daniels visions. A beast in prophesy does not have to be an evil thing.

Back to the topic. Messiah? there were a number of messiahs.

Jesus was prophesied to be “THE Messiah” who would liberate the Hebrews from the fourth Beast (4th Kingdom) And Jesus said that he had come to Fulfill all of the prophesy written about him; which he did.

But everyone misunderstood how these prophesy were going to be fulfilled. And we are still misunderstanding them.

Is Jesus the son of God? I think so, but probably not in the way that most people think.

patient. The Laserscope Venus allows the physician total control on the ablation of treatments, something the physician had no control over with the CO2 system. This allows them to offer light “lunchtime peels” or more ablative procedures with few days downtime. This versatility increases your patient base and the patients comfort level. A series of light peels can give you the same results as one more aggressive treatment.


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